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your practical keys to the perfect holiday in Algarve.

Seven keys

to the perfect golf adventure in Algarve

Good golf trips are usually dependent on a few elements. How free you are with your time and money. How prepared you are to do all that you had planned to. How many memories you create along the way. The following seven points sum up these elements.

Take a little extra

Having that extra bit of cash on your Algarve golf trip can make a huge difference to your enjoyment level. Taking a little bit more than you need is better than having too little. For the sake of ensuring a great time, take along more than your budget indicates you need—more than you expect to spend. You never know. Emergency situations do happen. Money comes in handy at times like that. It can mean the difference between convenience and an absolute horrible time.

Pack as much as you can

If you choose to exclude a golf item from your luggage, you’re likely to need it when you get there. This will result in you buying the item at the resort. Algarve’s pro shops—especially the ones that are on-course—are known to be extremely expensive. Avoid these costs if you can. Pack items you are likely to need. Also pack items even if you doubt you will be needing them. Better safe than sorry.

Share the experience

Bring along your usual golf companions. This will enhance the experience and strengthen bonds you’ve made in your golfing community. Imagine reminiscing about certain events years down the line. This is an opportunity for you to come up with a great idea for your existing friends. It’s also a good way to meet new people and form new relationships. There’s also nothing wrong with taking your family along and teaching some of them the game—just for fun.

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Make the most of all the facilities

Many golf courses in Algarve have practice ranges, restaurants, pubs and even golf academies. Make use of these in order to get a fuller experience of your golf holiday in Portugal. There are many ways you can make the most of your stay. Some of the above mentioned are a good start.

Challenge yourself

You could go for a golf course that’s easy, pleasant and mild. Or you could make the most of your holiday and challenge yourself. Hey, if you do badly you could always play the course a second, third or even a fourth time. Whatever you decide to do, challenge yourself!

Prepare for Algarve

Do you enjoy street parties? What about different kinds of festivals? Algarve hosts many of these so check which one is being hosted during your stay. It may just be exactly the kind of event you enjoy. The proper clothes and/or items will save you the hassle and money of purchasing them there. So if you want to be a part of the fun, prepare for it.

Pack for Algarve

Algarve’s beach will be calling you before long. Be sure to have your bathing suit and gear ready for that call. If beach sand is not your thing, chances are you will find a pool to cool down in. Are you ready for sunny skies and hot weather? Swimming and sun tanning are a big part of Algarve’s activities.

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