4 Quick Golf Tips on How to Increase your Swing Speed

It is commonly misconceived by amateur golfers that you need to swing harder in order to increase the speed of your swing. If you are an average player, you must have noticed that whenever you swing harder, you experience a breakdown in technicalities and your speed of the swing decreases. You need to understand the difference between a fast swinging and a hard swing. To make a fast swing, you need to have proper control over your body movements, have a good timing and thus make the swing very effective.

Do it like baseball

Imagine the set up of a baseball player waiting for the delivery of their pitch. They keep their arms relaxed and soft so that they can produce more speed with their bat. This same feeling you need to have in golf. When you are addressing the ball, your arms should be hanging down and relaxed. Try this drill for generating speed in your swing. Take a rod with tubing on its end. Else, you can also turn over any of your woods upside down. Then, swing the golf club and try to hear the whirl at the base of the swing. The speed you notice in this drill is the one which you need so that you can add more distance to the shots.

The sound you just noticed is way more different than the sound of the swing you make with stiffer arms. When you do this drill several times, you will automatically understand the difference.

Fix the grip

We understand that it is a little difficult thing to attain. But, if you do it, you can resolve almost all problems related to the club speed, slices, hooks and impact problems. The grip should be neither too loose nor too tight. A good grip ensures that you can release the golf club all through the impact. The club frees up to attain maximum speed at an appropriate time.

Turn your wrists completely after impact

If you observe that the flight of your ball is poor, you must start unloading your wrists immediately. You might have been keeping your wrists too firm or bending your left elbow in the direction of the target. This blunder movement is called “chicken winging”. The correct way is to bend your left arm, but the elbow should be pointed in the direction of the ground while you unhinge your wrists.

Swing the driver using your right hand

You will get a feeling of an influential release of you keep your right hand on the grip while swinging. When your hand approaches the right leg during the downswing, you can unhinge the wrist. Then, you can unburden it in the course of hitting zone. Attempt to stoop your right wrist while your hand sways through the impact, then throw the head of the club down your target line. This unhinging will add more speed to the swing.