A Golf Swing Release Drill For Left Handed Players

A powerful release is a great way to generate power off your drive. Often, there are many online tutorials for right-handed players but none for lefties. In this article, we will show you an excellent release drill for a left-hander that will generate a fair amount of distance off the tee.

What is the release?

The release of your swing and golf club happens through impact with the golf ball. Here, your wrists uncock as you swing downwards. This helps to present a square club face to the ball, and if done correctly, means you will strike through the ball properly, sending it where you intended.

What is an effective drill that can help with the release?

There are many ways to practice this, but for left-handers, this is one of the easiest.

This drill is an extremely effective way to ensure that as a left-hander, your release is not only perfect but that it will help to generate more distance out on the course. Be aware, however, this requires plenty of practice and it is not something that you will get right straight off the bat. Golf is a game of practice right? The more you put in the more successful you will be.