How To Make A Good Choice From The Variety Of Affordable Courses In Faro

Faro is the capital of the Algarve, Portugal’s extremely popular tourist area in the south of the Country. There is an excellent climate, lovely sandy beaches, great cuisine, especially the seafood and a range of golf courses that gives players plenty of choice when it comes to a break of just a long weekend to a week or more. Faro Airport has flights to and from many regions to the north of Europe. With a flight time of no more than 3 hours golfers can travel and play on their day of arrival as well as departure.

There is plenty of choice, enough to actually play every day of a month without playing any a second time. The quality is very good and includes courses that have hosted professional competitions such as the Portuguese Open. The most famous courses include:

There are many more including the Oceanico courses, Faldo, Millennium, Old, Victoria, Laguna and Pinhal.

Online Information

There is information online on all the course alternatives:

The Budget

When it comes to the budget for your holiday you need to think about flight and accommodation costs, other transport costs and general spending money. If the main reason for your break is the golf then it pays to look at the prices being quoted online and make a judgement accordingly. There are companies that will quote you a figure for all aspects of your holiday into a complete package. Such companies can often get better rates than you would get individually precisely because of the volume of business they can potentially provide to the individual courses.

It is always worth thinking about the standard of the players in your party in order that you choose some courses that are not too long. It is great to play championship courses and modern designs with plenty of water. However everyone needs to get a positive experience from playing so that they can enjoy the 19th hole. That is best achieved by not selecting courses exclusively on difficulty. Specialists in the area can certainly provide advice if you seek it out.