How To Play The Most Intimidating Golf Shots At Ease

Practice techniques to become a perfect golfer

Although, golf is not a team game golfers have been intimidated by certain shots at some point of their game. the factors contributing to this type of fear include high rankings or a reputation for hitting the ball far away in the greens. However, the challenges in the course layout are different for each golf course, which may haunt the golfers.

The 6-foot shot

You can choose to hit a putt shot. The challenge in this shot is that either you will hit a brilliant shot and take the opportunity to finish the game quickly. Otherwise, you might fear about the shot to end up as a complete failure.

First of all, keep your body flexible and without any tensed muscles when you are putting. You are six-feet away from the hole, the ball will travel downhill and you need a left to right approach. Practice this shot several times until you master it.

Minimize the slice

A minimal slice shot will help you control the swing as well as the distance travelled by the golf ball. Try to hit a fade shot, where the ball travels through the fairway, creates a longer drive, and does not rolls into the greens.

Cross the fairway bunkers

Sand bunkers are one of the greatest challenges in the game of golf. Your golf club must have higher loft. Dig your feet into the sand to adopt the appropriate stance. Place your front foot behind the ball. The distance will offer lower flight to the golf ball.

Open the clubface to offer a good attack angle. Your body weight must be placed on the front foot. The golf swing must move from outwards to inwards when you bend your wrists at the top of the grip.

You must extend the follow through when you aim to cross the fairway bunkers. Practice the swing on the greens before hitting in the sand to achieve a high level of accuracy.

Firm Grip on the Club

In case you wish to cover a bigger portion of the greens, you must practice holding the golf club firmly. A firm grip will result in flatter left hand that will help in a better downswing. A soft grip of the club will result in the wrong direction of the swing. Practice the backswing and the downswing using a firm grip.