Little-Known Tricks To Help You With Golf Bookings In Algarve

Do you enjoy golf? Are you yearning to play a round of 18 holes in any of the premium golf courses in Algarve? It’s not so easy to realize your dream. The Algarve region is one of the most sought after golf destinations in the world. The demand for tee time booking far exceeds the supply, especially during the golf season. In this article, we’re going to share certain tricks to help you with golf bookings in Algarve.

Book golf tee times via the internet

Landing in Algarve and visiting the golf course or calling the club to make the booking are the old fashioned way to doing things. It’s time-consuming and has some disadvantages too. Online booking is the ways to go. You don’t even have to leave your seats; within a few minutes, you can book tee times on courses in Algarve. The demand for online booking has increased dramatically and to cater to demand a number of online golf booking websites have sprung up. Not all the websites are good, so research to find the best agencies then make the booking.

Take advantage of the twilight period

Almost every premium golf course in Algarve has a twilight period that’s normally the afternoon hours. Most tourists prefer playing during the early morning hours, so they could finish playing early and spend the afternoon hours on the famous Algarve beaches or at the theme parks.

The Twilight tee time rates are cheaper and they are easily available. In the winter months, the twilight tee time sometimes starts as early as 12pm. Take advantage of such offers and play at your favorite golf course at affordable rates.

Book tee times on the weekdays

Golf tourists visiting Algarve for a weekend trip add to the congestion at the course. This increases the demand and the tee time rates. Weekends are great, but you can save some cash by booking tee times on weekdays. Now, you have a better chance of bagging affordable tee time rates at premium golf courses in Algarve.

Become a member of a golf course

Those who travel to Algarve at every given opportunity can benefit greatly by becoming a member at their favorite golf club. There are both advantages and disadvantages in opting to take this route. The advantages include big savings and increased familiarity with the golf course. If you choose to become a member then you’ve to play often. Also, every time you visit Algarve you’ll have to play the same course.