Golfing Holidays For Beginners: Finding The Best Deal

Getting good at anything takes experience. You have to learn the trade and sharpen your skills. That applies to golf, surfing, investing in stocks and finding the best golfing holiday deal. That doesn't mean that you have to "pay your dues" and wait five years until you can find bargain golf getaway. This article will help shorten your learning curve and leapfrog the rest of the golfers who have been finding incredible golf deals for years. Here are 4 tips that you can apply today that will help you find a golf holiday for 30-40% off retail.

  1. Shop around
  2. Get a few different quotes and play providers off against each other. Learning a few negotiation tips can make a big difference. For example, if they can't lower the price, ask if they can throw in a any extras for you. Find out when their sales quotas are calculated for the year and negotiate near that time. You could also use a "resort to higher authority" where you pretend that you are negotiating on behalf of a friend and that you don't have the final say in the decision.

  3. Accessing information
  4. Creative goggling can get you the best deal online. Keeping your ear to the ground at your local golf club to see if anybody has had a recent golfing holiday can also bring up results. Ask them how they found the killer deal, it's not hard.

  5. The green, green grass of home
  6. Don't assume that home is cheaper than abroad. The UK has some wonderful golf venues and famous courses along the coast but they can be expensive and you might find that you can save money by jumping on a plane and heading into the south of Europe. Spain and Portugal are only a two hour flight away and you can end up spending less than if you had stayed at home.

  7. Speak to a specialist
  8. There are many companies that specialize in finding golf holiday deals. The advantage they have is that they have access to many resorts and courses in various countries and they can find the best deal out there for you. If they can't find a golf holiday bargain then nobody can. Golf travel companies can help you save on everything from green fees, accommodation, lessons at the local academy and renting clubs. The saving you make on your golf getaway can be spent on tickets to go see the British Open this year.