A Simple Recipe for an Affordable Golf Vacation

You might have been saving for a long golf vacation with your friends for long. After all, it is an expensive deal to enjoy golf in the best championship courses. But obviously, you would not like to spend all your savings just for one vacation. There has to be a way out to save money even on the most expensive deal on earth. We are telling you some tips and tricks which will help you look at your bank balance with a smile even after you come back home.

Plan ahead

Yes, it sounds obvious but many people fail to plan their trips months in advance. It not only saves you the cost of booking flights, but also saves you many other costs. For example, if you book your prime tee timings well in advance before the peak season starts; you can save a lot of money.

Rethink about the accommodation

If you are still planning about booking a hotel, wait a second. Nobody goes on a vacation alone. If you are going with your best buddies, you can think of sharing a condominium or a villa. It saves the cost on a long vacation rather than staying in individual rooms in a hotel. Moreover, you can roam around the house in shorts throughout the day without any embarrassment.

Choice of airport

Not many people know about it, but you can save on your travel also by booking a flight to an airport in the city which is not very busy. Most people prefer to take the flight to that airport only, which is highlighted on the top spot on Google. But, if you research well, you might find another airport which gives you an option of much cheaper airfare. It might be a little far from the venue you have planned to go. But, even if you have to travel a little by road, the total cost of travelling is much less than the prime flight cost alone.

Look for flight fares on both sides

This is another hidden face that airlines do not reveal themselves. Check out the fair for two-way flight to your destination. You will be surprised to know that two-way flights are sometimes cheaper than the one way flight for some unknown absurd reason.

Take your equipments

Take the hassle of carrying the maximum equipments possible along with you. The extra tees and golf balls you carry will really save you money when you notice that you keep losing golf balls and tees at the golf course. It is absolutely normal. But, you must carry your maximum stuff possible

Do not hire a cart

Prefer walking around the course and save the cost of hiring a cart. It will ultimately good for your health as well.