Useful Tips On How To Hit The Golf Ball Around A Tree

A lot like life, the game of golf too, throws up obstacles now and then just to test the player. The skilled and experienced ones excel at overcoming the challenges that come their way. It won’t be a wrong thing to say that the way a golfer handles the obstacles determines his standing in the golf hierarchy. Ball landing in the sand trap, water hazards, and tree blocking your ball path are all obstacles you need to overcome on the golf course. To become a skilled golfer, you’ll need to learn how to hit the golf ball around a tree. So, here are some tips that’ll help you.

Tips to play the curve ball around a tree

The grip for this particular shot remains the same as your normal stroke. No need to change it.

The ball must be at the center of your stance. Players intending to hook more can bring the ball closer to the trailing foot. Golfers deciding to move the ball back must consider using a short iron. The shot would be a lot easier to execute with a short iron. Moreover, players can curve the ball better with a club that has higher loft. How you align the feet to the tree is up to you; it’s perfectly fine to align left or right. But, we suggest you learn from Tiger Woods and align left and aim to hit the ball to the left of the tree.

There is consensus amount most golf experts that the club face angle at the point of impact has a huge bearing on the direction that the ball takes. It’s agreed that the club face angle is more important than the swing path. We’ve heard many golfers complain that their attempt to swing right or left still doesn’t yield the desired result. Attempting a curve ball without changing the club face angle will only result in the ball hitting the tree. That is because golfers need to focus both on the club face angle and the swing path.

The swing of the club must be along your body line. The golf ball will fly left of the tree and then curve back towards the target spot.

Like any other golf stroke, the curve ball or the shot to hit the ball around the tree needs constant practice. Try the simple technique we’ve mentioned above multiple times before you play on the golf course.