How To Make A Great Golf Swing When Using Irons

Iron play is one of the key elements of the game that you must always make sure you master. A lot of players have in the recent past had a difficult time on the course just because they were not able to understand how to play their irons properly. This is why you come across players who actually give up altogether, and some who are not able to make any progress in the game at all.

A good golf swing is not just about striking the ball and sending it flying into the air. A good swing is about a combination of factors, which will eventually help you make sure that you are playing a good ball into the air, and sending it as close as possible to the target, if not on hitting the target at first attempt.

There are some useful skills that you can learn, skills that you can master, which will help you not only perform awesome swings when playing the irons, but will also in the long run help you improve your game by miles. The following are good points that you should take into consideration all the time:

Pay attention to the downswing

Make sure that you focus on the downswing all the time. It is a pity that so many players do not know how to work around this, and when you do, it will help you improve your game. First of all, make sure that you do not rush the stroke. Allow the club to come down naturally, and let the power of the swing that you have generated send the ball towards the target.

Keep the clubface square

Always make sure that you have a square club face when you are playing. This increases the likelihood that you will be sending the ball in the right direction, without having to worry about slicing the ball, or perhaps hooking it.

Consider your stance

A good stance is key to the success of your game. As long as you are able to plan accordingly, this will help you stay balanced when you are playing.

Position of your hips

Use your hips to support your swing. The movement between the hips, the shoulders and your club is supposed to be flawless.