How To Save Money When Looking For Golf Tours To Portugal

Without a doubt, Portugal is becoming a prime destination for golfers across Europe and even as far afield as the United States. The sheer amount of variety in golf courses, the natural beauty of the country coupled with hotels and golf resorts that cater to every need means that Portugal’s popularity and the Algarve, in particular, will continue to rise.

Finding that perfect golfing deal can become a minefield, however, especially as more and more operators begin to offer golf tours to the region. So how do you go about finding the perfect trip? Let’s look at a few simple tips.

The magic number is 8

Looking for an excellent discount? Find seven like-minded golfing friends to take a trip with you. Many golf resorts in Portugal offer discounts when dealing with parties of 8 people. Often, the 8th person is allowed for free, significantly bringing costs down. So round up your golfing friends and take advantage.

Transport savings

Another area in which savings can often be overlooked includes transport. Again larger groups can split the costs of private transfers to make significant savings. If you are a smaller group of around two to four people, consider car hire, especially if you will be visiting multiple courses.

Booking discounts

Many golfing resorts offer massive discounts on early bookings. Do your research and find those hotels and resorts that will give you a discount should you book 30, 60 or 90 days early. Often a sliding scale applies, so the earlier you book, the more discount you will receive.

Travel out of season

Although most people will want to take their golfing holiday in the season, out of season rates are far cheaper. Consider booking your holiday a month or two before the season begins. Not only will you pay far less, the weather actually varies very little.

Food and drink

All inclusive golfing holidays that include catering, for example, breakfast and dinner, are a great way to save money. Try to get your drinks included as well.

Be prepared

Before you hit the course, make sure you have a sufficient supply of water, cooldrink, energy bars, and chocolate as well as spare balls. If you have to buy these at the course, expect to pay way above going rates.