A Collection Of Good Golf Tips And Drills For Children

Kids love to have fun all the time; it’s their natural instinct. Golf drills that adults use won’t work in case of kids. The best method to teach young, budding golf enthusiasts to learn the game is by making the drills fun and interesting. The drills given below are easy to set up, fun to play, and is designed to impart the basic techniques of golf to children of age 7 or higher.

Putting Control Drill

Today we’ll focus mainly on the short game skills, so strength is not an important factor in these drills. Though young kids are yet to develop the strength to hit the ball with some force, they need to learn the technique to control the force they generate.

With three extra clubs create a 3x3 square with one side open. Now, pace a ball 3 feet from the open end of the square. Leave an interval of 3 feet and place the second ball behind the first. Repeat this till you place 10 balls, back to back, in a straight line. The objective of the drill is to hit as many balls as possible into the open square.

Chipping Drill

With this drill, kids will learn both chipping and iron club use. A little away from the green position the ball and place a club 4-5 inches behind it. Use another club to mark the target point on the green. Now, assume a normal chipping shot stance. Playing a downward sticking blow forms an important part of a chip shot. This drill will teach the young one to execute a perfect downward blow shot.

Now play the chip shot. Learn to hit the ball without coming into contact with the club placed behind the ball. Try to land the ball in front of the target club and leapfrog the ball over it. This drill will teach you to visualize a shot, pick the trajectory, and how to the roll the ball.

Bunker Drill

As a young kid, we all have played in the sand and loved it. This drill is something like that and apart from being fun it teaches a very important golf skill – to escape the ball from the bunker. Start the drill by placing a ball inside a bunker. With the club head draw a thick horizontal trench line behind the ball. Now, assume a normal stance and remove the ball from its position. All that’s left is the sand trench. Your objective is to hit the sand that’s part of the trench line that was touching the ball. You’ve to scoop the sand without disturbing the other side of the trench.