Clever Suggestions On How To Develop Golf Driving Accuracy

Playing from the center of the fairway is much less stressful than hacking out of the woods all day. Every golfer wants to be in the middle of the fairway with an iron in their hands and a perfect lie under the ball.

To help you keep your drives on the short stuff more often, here are a few tips that you can apply immediately:

  1. Shape the fall to fit the line of the hole
  2. If the hole bends a certain way (a dogleg) then curving the ball with the shape of the hole will help you keep your drives in the fairway.

  3. Drive the ball lower
  4. A higher ball is affected by the wind and harder to keep straight. Teeing the ball down will help you drive the ball lower and keep it straighter.

  5. Learn to fade the ball
  6. A fade is a shot that curves from left to right. The most accurate players who ever played the game Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino always hit a fade.

  7. Hit irons and three woods off the tee for accuracy.
  8. Value position and being in the fairway over length. You might be further back but you won't be blocked out by any trees.

  9. Play a lower spin ball to hit drives that curve less so that they stay on the fairway
  10. Get aligned correctly
  11. Mark a line on your ball with a marker and point that line towards the target. Then pick a target two feet in front of the ball. By doing this, you will always be aligned correctly. All bad shots will start with bad alignment.

  12. Shorten your swing
  13. A longer backswing will lead to more distance but less accuracy. A shorter backswing will hit the ball straighter.

  14. Experiment with the loft of your driver.
  15. A driver with more loft will be easier to hit. A driver with less loft will help you hit the ball lower and keep it straight.

  16. Get an anti-slice driver
  17. If your bad shot is a slice, this is a clubface that corrects your ball flight.

  18. Throttle back on the power
  19. The faster your swing speed, the less margin of error you have when you make contact. The further you drive the ball, the narrower the fairway gets. Because of these truths, the best way to hit more fairways is to swing with control.