Planning A Golf Break In Portugal For The First Time

First Time Nerves

Portugal is an ideal location for your next golf trip. The Algarve region in particular boasts perfect weather all year round and the region has been hosting golfers since Sir Henry Cotton first arrived in the sixties and began building golf courses. The Algarve is built to cater to golfers and the people of the area are knowledgably about the game. Many famous players have been bitten by the bug and decided to build courses there - Sir Nick Faldo and Jack Nicklaus being two.

Here are a few items that you should include on your checklist before you decide to book:

  • What part of Portugal do you want to go to?
  • Most of the courses and facilities are be found in the Algarve but there are also golf courses in Lisbon and Madeira. The Algarve has the golfing choice and the resorts, Lisbon has the history and lots to do and Madeira has nature and walks that will take your breath away. The message is: don't just think that you are restricted to the Algarve; take a look at the whole of the country.

    Having said that, it is wise to stick to the popular areas for golfers if this is your first trip. Once you've been to Portugal a few times you can get a bit more adventurous.

  • Check your calendar
  • Have a look at the seasons because the golf courses can get really busy during certain times of the year. This rush can lead to high prices and golf courses that are over populated.

  • Bring clubs, or leave at home?
  • Consider carefully if you want to bring your clubs with you or not. Look at the cost of renting a set at a golf club in Portugal then enquire with the airlines for their fees.

  • Ask Around
  • Get speaking to your local golf travel agent to see what kinds of deals are available for golfers who want to go to Portugal. The good thing about Portugal is that many golfers in the UK will have been there so it's not difficult to find someone at your local club and ask their advice.

  • Don't fail to prepare
  • Check the undulations of the course and take a look at the local weather online to see if you need a buggy. Portugal can get very hot during the summer and the courses can get hilly so be prepared.

    Follow this sequence: pick your region then pick your area. Next, pick your area, pick your golf course (or courses) and finally, start packing.