Golf In Albufeira: 5 Courses You Should Play During Your Tour

So you are ready to take your long awaited golf tour in Albufeira. This is a great opportunity to enjoy quality golf at top courses in the area. The first step in planning your tour is to learn about options available. This means you can find courses that are suited to your play skills and choose the best options based on the experience you want to enjoy. There are few options that have high reviews and ratings from other players you should check out. Here are tips on finding good options along with suggestions of golf courses in the area to learn about.

Details to Consider When Learning Albufeira Golf Courses

This area is known to offer great options for avid golfers. Now is the time to do your homework and learn what the area really has to offer. As you learn about golf courses in the area keep your play skills in mind. Some courses have more challenges than you can handle, unless you are the one seeking an adventure filled with challenges.

Other details to review include scorecards, course maps and any deals or discounts with green fees. Part of your planning process may include thinking about the experience you want to have during your tour. You can consider asking other golfers who have planned golf tours about their experience in planning and how they came up with courses they visited during their travels.

5 Course Suggestions to Play on Your Next Golf Tour

To get an idea of courses you can enjoy during your golf tour here are 5 suggestions to consider.

  1. Pine Cliffs Golf Course. This course features a hole played at the top of a ravine overlooking beautiful ocean and beach views.
  2. Salgados Golf Course. This course features various water hazards while featuring a unique design that is open with plenty of sunshine and flat lands.
  3. Balaia Golf Course. The course features an ocean view background with various slopes with an attractive looking course. This course is good for practicing short game and iron shots.
  4. Gramacho Golf Course. This course offers a great selection of challenges for golfers including lakes, bunkers and beautiful trees.
  5. The O’Connor Course. The course has an interesting look that catches the eye of avid golfers. It features water hazards, streams and a beautiful scenic view with plenty of plush greens as a charming parkland course.