5 Things You Need To Do To Stop Missing Your Putts

Do you miss your putts often? If yes, then just follow these simple yet effective putting tips through which you can make your putting game better and thus avoid missing your putts. These tips also incorporate some basic techniques to improve your putting stroke and setup.

  1. Lead with your left hand
  2. Yes, you heard it right! Your left hand acts as a guide in a putting game. If you have hit a free throw while using only your right hand, you would have realized this. Like your right hand, your left hand is also important. When on the green, try to practice putting with your left hand only or you can ask someone to hold a wedge on the target line in front of your hands. And, then hit the grip with your back hand, instead of your fingers.

  3. Employ your fingers
  4. You can grip your putter as you like, till it does not hampers the role of your left hand in playing the stroke. However, ensure that you grip the wedge in your fingers. Your fingers should contact your club hold and the shaft should be in your left hand to control the clubface. Do not steer with your right forefinger, although you can let it drop down the shaft.

  5. See the spot
  6. You should look at the spot just ahead of the golf ball on the target line and then try to roll the golf ball over that spot. Do not stare at the golf ball for too long at impact, as you can easily get brain-locked with it and thus strike a bad putt. You can free your mind by putting a tee in the area ahead of the golf ball in your practice session. This will allow you to think about the target line rather than the stroke.

  7. Imagine roll, not hit
  8. In order to control the distance, imagine rolling the golf ball but do not hit it, since it can make the ball hop. For this, you must make an open posture, while making your putter shaft lean towards the target and putting some of your weight on your left side. This open stance will allow you to feel your left hand going outside and down the target line. Moreover, the golf ball will roll on smoothly with this stance.

  9. Keep it natural
  10. Do not focus too much on your shot, grip, or stance. The trick is to play it naturally, without worrying over small details. For instance, if you sign your name on a paper, you will be able to do it easily. But, if you try to duplicate it again, you will face some trouble doing it.

    Moreover, the duplicated sign will be not be as perfect as the original one. Putting is also the same. You just have to see your target line and roll the golf ball on that line, similarly like you signed on the paper. Therefore, while putting you need to be original and natural, without getting bogged down.

So, get ready to roll your golf ball into the hole.